Galactic Gala

by Silla and Rise

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Galactic Gala is the second album by Silla and Rise, the trio made up of Inuit throat-singers Cynthia Pitsiulak and Charlotte Qamaniq (Silla) and musician/producer Rise Ashen. It is the result of the past 3 years spent performing extensively for the band. Where their first album, the self-titled debut, was a sonic experiment, this album is the result of hundreds of hours of performance, rehearsal and studio work. It features some inimitable contributors and weighs in at 14 songs. The ambitious album was recorded over the course of 2019 and will be released worldwide on October 5th. The album is an invitation to join Silla and Rise in this Galactic Gala, where the beautiful sounds of Inuit Culture meet the futuristic rhythms of the global dancefloor, and where all are welcome to journey into the depths of these timeless sounds, as their vibrations echo across the galaxy.


released October 3, 2019


all rights reserved



Rise Ashen Ottawa, Ontario

Sudent of Music and Movement - Ancient to Future

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Track Name: 01 Sunrise ft Jah'kota
Sunrise, ceremony. Thank the ancestors who came before me.
We survived genocide that’s a true story. And the fact that we’re alive is a testimony.
It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day. Shout out to the matriarchs who are leading the way!
We were born resilient, true say. Too many suffer in this world, that’s why I pray.
Thanking the creator for this water that I drink, life moves so fast, then it’s gone in a blink.
You can learn more about me from my tattoo ink, I always live my truth,
I don’t care what haters think.
The good live and die way too quick. Love or hate...You pick! Kinda like seal oil, I’m too slick,
Music is my passion, fire to my qulliq.

Sunrise, Ceremony (refrain)

Woke up this morning to the Arctic sun, from a beautiful dream that my mind had spun.
Sun kissing my face with its loving grace, feel the warmth of the love in my kids embrace.
I went to sleep happily, under stars wrapping me, surrounded by my family, center of my gravity.
I love this place, they love this place… the snow, the stone, it's their land, it's their home base.
When I think about where I'm from, land where the dogs have harnesses on,
we mark our faces for the flames of the sun, soot from the qullik as ink for our tunniit
The return of the sun, the sound of the drum, this is where I'm from.
In the brink of the early morning sunrise, Iglulik skyline, pink and purple intertwined
Track Name: 03 Qimmiq Amaruq - Dog Wolf ft LB
We hang together like stars in the sky, we sing together like wolves yeah we cry,
We love together we fly, we don’t gotta pick sides, we hang together like stars in the sky
We sing together like wolves yeah we cry
I’ve done this for years & still I got these tears.
Looking at my peers, all I see is fear.
Fear of difference, fear of religion, fear of forgiveness.
All of that makes me livid, live like this we’re not living.
I believe in our future, I know the movement is healing
I see where we’re going, and those who are leading
There’s so much worth knowing, it don’t matter who’s teaching.
Listen, keep growing, keep going.
Stand with me if you’re willing, life gets better till it’s thrilling.
I’m so thankful for love, I’ll keep spilling,
Anything you need, Yo I got you, I’m giving.


You used to think that we were different, but now you know that we’re the same.
On the outside they see different, but I know we all got a name,
They focus on math and division, but biology’s making us multiply.
Pick a subject and chose a side.
They startin’ wars - I sing battle cries, fore-comers fought for our lives,
I won’t disrespect why they died, we gotta come together let’s try.
I know you’ve seen some dark times, they’ll hate on you if you try
But in the end it’s you up in sky, in the end it’s us that will rise,
cause we chose these better times, we chose a longer life,
diving deeper into our minds where we find peace intertwined,
cause this is so much more than just you and I


When the sun goes down, sounds of the city are heard again
Kicking off another night of drama,
Egos and Icons, the struggle of humanity is on again,
Like a dog and wolf we are distant cousins
Track Name: 11 Matriarchs ft Kelly Fraser
Suprise! Its Silla and Rise! With K-Fray,
Put your hands up If you come from a woman! (refrain)
Yeah put your hands up! Aggati tapaungaki
Women are tough! Lets give it up for the ones who have it rough!
Now put your hands up if you agree we are alive from the women who lead
Without them there would be no you or me without our matriarchs who uphold and lead
Our men need to uphold and protect, let’s show some love and show some respect
Non-binary, trans and the rest, lets show some love ‘cause that’s what’s correct!
Put your hands up If you come from a woman (Refrain)
Lets give it up lets give it up! Women are strong, thats whats going on!
Aggati tapaungaki Arnami pissimaguvi Arnait suujualui ummatingi piujualuit Inuktitut uqaarunapunga Annananut kisiani runaqunga Nuqqaniangilanga Tukisijaugumagama Nutataranut amalu Inuumarinuuvanga


Women are strong thats whats going on
My mom is the strongest being I know. Born on the land and raised in the snow,
when magic was real and shamans were known, but now they’re keepin it on the down-low... Ananaga sujunirpaa sunalimaakuusimajurina Inuulijuvinik aputimi Angakurutsuti Kisiani qaujimajaujarunaituit


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